Imaginary Artists 2011

AAH Annual Conference 2011
31 March – 2 April, University of Warwick, UK

In 1957 Argentinean writer Jorge Luis Borges started working on the Book of Imaginary Beings in it he describes mythical beings extracted from literature and popular culture. The session of imaginary artists will take on his idea and methodology to attempt a compendium of artists that exist in a different layer of reality.
From alluring Rrose Sélavy to Media artist Roberta Breitmore the history of art is widely inhabited by alter egos that bring into art yet another dimension apart from the traditional interactions between the artist, the work and the spectator.
Partly as a reaction to the machinery of art and partly as a way of obtaining a sense of freedom artists have created other selves that challenge traditional ways of studying and showing art. This session will elaborate on the history of artists that do not exist and their works of art if any. More than a question of pseudonyms this session will try to reconstruct the history of the artist as a work of art. It could also be thought of as an attempt to reconstruct the biography of artists that are a figment of another artist’s imagination.

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